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    Next intakes: July 2017 and October 2017

  • Björn Heimgärtner, Germany

    To meet so many kinds of people with different culture, language and origin makes it an experience we don’t want

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    Nina Tsai Pei Pei, Taiwan

    As soon as I decided to join SHML, I not only joined into a big family but I also gave

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    Andrea Placa, Italy

    After working in service in Italy, I knew that I wanted to improve my career. I was introduced to SHML

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    Arun Sondhi, India

    I came to Switzerland to study Hotel Management, because I want to become a successful hotelier. During my first internship

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    Susan Yen, Taiwan

    During my last year at university, I was visiting the European University Educational fair in Taipei. The reasons for me to

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    Jim Su, Taiwan

    A peaceful small town in Switzerland and a perfect environment for living and learning, but the main reason that I

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    Bridget Chen, Taiwan

    The best thing for me at SHML was that everybody from lecturer, to students and even the Dean are like

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    Vy Bo, Vietnam

    I found SHML through Blue Ocean Company and I chose to come here because of its professional learning programs; the

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    Kayan Seow, Malaysia

    I learnt about SHML through my agent at an educational fair and did some research on the internet. The best experience

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    Carmen Placa, Italy

    I have been working in the service industry for the last 10 years during several internships and employments, got the

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    Yvonne Leow, Malaysia

    I had a chance to meet the owner of SHML Mr. Eberhardt, before I decided to go to Switzerland and the

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    Cheong Jet Hong, Malaysia

    After eight months here at SHML, I really liked the natural atmosphere and beauty of the village of Lenk, and

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    Chan Hsun-Jui (Louis), Taiwan

    I started at SHML in August 2010, as one of the pioneers of the “First Boutique Hotel School”. Among others

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    Tina Schmidt, Germany

    We have worked in the Parkhotel Bellevue, Lenk since two years as we got the great offer to be pioneers for

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    Anshul Bajaj, India

    SHML gave me all the skills to be successful within the hospitality industry. I had an amazing exposure here in

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