Björn Heimgärtner, Germany


To meet so many kinds of people with different culture, language and origin makes it an experience we don’t want to miss. These two theoretical semesters gave us interesting insights to hotel management. We picked up a lot from the experience of our teachers with all their knowledge of working. Some stories out of their life made the lessons sometimes also a little bit funny. All lecturers are focused on our best and tried to keep every course  interesting – also Accounting/Finance.
With our diploma we now will have more opportunities for our career. We’re looking forward to step in the 5* hotel business, what would not be that easy without a hotel management school. We want to thank Peter and Urs Eberhardt for the chance to participate SHML.

Nina Tsai Pei Pei, Taiwan


As soon as I decided to join SHML, I not only joined into a big family but I also gave myself the best chance to approach hospitality industry. I have had a great time at SHML, learning and improving my knowledge and skills in the well run Swiss hotel. I have been working as the management trainee in Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center since June 2012, really looking forward to meeting more and more dynamic graduates from SHML in this ongoing industry!  

Andrea Placa, Italy

After working in service in Italy, I knew that I wanted to improve my career. I was introduced to SHML through the Dean Mr. Astori. There are so many things that I have learnt at SHML and being here has increased my passion even more for a career in hospitality. I have so much to be thankful for and I grew to change my way of thinking. During my free time I travelled around Switzerland to understand more of the mentality and culture; the town of Lenk is quiet and very good for studying.

Arun Sondhi, India


I came to Switzerland to study Hotel Management, because I want to become a successful hotelier. During my first internship I began as an intern at the Apple Pie Gstaad, Switzerland and finished as Assistant Manager. I have finished now the academic part of my studies and will start my career as a management trainee in the F&B-department of the Emirates Palace Kempinski in Abu Dhabi. SHML gave me all the tools to be successful within the hospitality industry. I can’t thank enough the people behind all the action and for their support and love, my family and the Dean.

Susan Yen, Taiwan


During my last year at university, I was visiting the European University Educational fair in Taipei. The reasons for me to come to Switzerland and study hospitality was because the Higher Diploma Program seemed to be very promising and the teachers were all very experienced.The best thing about SHML is that the teachers are always here for you; they’re willing to help you if you have any problem, no matter if its problem with schoolwork or with practical. I am now enjoying my 2nd semester in Lenk and overall the experiences at SHML are very nice. Switzerland is a beautiful country and Lenk itself is a wonderful small town surrounded by mountains.


Jim Su, Taiwan


A peaceful small town in Switzerland and a perfect environment for living and learning, but the main reason that I choose to be here are the teachers. They are all professional and have a lot of work experience in various countries and speak more than five languages. Passing on their knowledge and experience of hospitality to students is their goal. That’s why I chose to study here at SHML and I enjoy it very much.

Bridget Chen, Taiwan


The best thing for me at SHML was that everybody from lecturer, to students and even the Dean are like family. There is a real personal care for every student and you learn a lot about the practical side of Food & Beverage management. Another plus was that the library provided a great collection of English reading materials. I really enjoyed living in Switzerland. Where the campus is located it is quiet and ideal for study.

Vy Bo, Vietnam


I found SHML through Blue Ocean Company and I chose to come here because of its professional learning programs; the teachers here really care and help the students all the time. For me this is not only a school but also a family. My best experience was learning so much about the practical and theory of F&B services, productions and housekeeping. And the natural scenery is beautiful in Lenk and is a good environment for learning. You will feel like you are living with your family in Switzerland.

Kayan Seow, Malaysia


I learnt about SHML through my agent at an educational fair and did some research on the internet. The best experience I am having is that I am learning so much about different cooking methods and really enjoy assisting the Chef and learning all there is to know about managing a kitchen.The study environment is perfect and amongst sporting activities, going out with friends there are some great cities and different cultures to visit during leisure time. I wish the semester was longer, as I really feel inspired to learn more about the Culinary Arts.

Carmen Placa, Italy


I have been working in the service industry for the last 10 years during several internships and employments, got the opportunity to start my studies at SHML and doing my Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management. Due to the level I reached during my second semester, I have now an interesting employment offer from the Hotel Bernina St. Moritz, Switzerland at the Front Desk.
I am really looking forward to working in such a traditional hotel and beginning my career on.

Yvonne Leow, Malaysia


I had a chance to meet the owner of SHML Mr. Eberhardt, before I decided to go to Switzerland and the small class room numbers with experienced and friendly teachers, convinced me that coming to study at SHML was the right choice for me. The professors and teachers at SHML are really good and helpful. They have a genuine concern and encourage you throughout the course of the semester with so much positive advice and help. I enjoy practicing all the necessary skills in hospitality and am excited about the different hotel software that we learn about. Travelling around Switzerland is so much fun and Italy and France are on the doorstep. It’s important to revise often and also to focus on learning as much German as possible, as it is really useful.

Cheong Jet Hong, Malaysia


After eight months here at SHML, I really liked the natural atmosphere and beauty of the village of Lenk, and the many sports opportunities, such as cycling, hiking, paragliding and skiing in winter. We also did our practical training in the hotel, and had the opportunity to train with real hotel guests and not just with other students. In doing my post graduate diploma program, I enjoyed having meals together, not only just with other students, but also with the lecturers who were always there for you. I made many friends at SHML, and enjoyed the multi-cultural atmosphere. It was a great opportunity to learn more languages. In addition to English, I speak most Asian languages fluently, and am learning German, Italian and French.
I am grateful to the SHML for arranging my internship with Kempinski Hotels, which I now start at the Kempinski Grand in St. Moritz for this winter season and after that I will be at Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin for 6 months. Then I am off to China for a year with Kempinski hotels there.

Chan Hsun-Jui (Louis), Taiwan


I started at SHML in August 2010, as one of the pioneers of the “First Boutique Hotel School”. Among others I was one of the first, who joined the English Preparatory Course, had class everyday with the Dean, and even dinner and lunch. I got to know the personalized education right from the beginning and finished my first academic semester followed by an internship at Apple Pie Gstaad in F&B service, where I could improve my German and French. I now decided to go to the Anglo-Continental School in Bournemouth to improve my English with a 3-month-English-Course in order to do my third semester here in Lenk and after that my Bachelor Degree at the University of Gloucester, which is a SHML partner university.

Tina Schmidt, Germany


We have worked in the Parkhotel Bellevue, Lenk since two years as we got the great offer to be
pioneers for the ,first boutique hotel school” in Switzerland. With pleasure we decided to be part of SHML.  Now our time is drawing to a close and we enjoyed it very much.


Anshul Bajaj, India


SHML gave me all the skills to be successful within the hospitality industry. I had an amazing exposure here in Switzerland which was noteworthy and helped me to brush up many things in me. I applaud all the efforts made by my teachers here who helped me to conquer the course easily.