What means Boutique Hotel Management School

Our Boutiqueness stands for personalized education in small classes. Students live, study and practice in a fully equipped hotel. Our lecturers, who live on campus, are accessible almost 24/7; our programs have been developed by hoteliers for hoteliers and are delivered by lecturers with a long experience in international hotel management.

What are our USP’s

  • High interaction with lecturers on campus bringing direct knowledge and networking – ‘free consulting’ from lecturers,
  • High quality experience – Student throughput is low, allowing for more personalized education; Class size is small;
  • High level of service: time and ability to help students decide what want to do, support in finding suitable job
  • Safe environment for students, they are well looked after
  • Training for international hospitality;
  • Innovative thinking based on traditional hotelier style,
  • Program is adapted to the demands of the industry (it is close to the industry):
  • Hands-on training, preparing students for real life in the industry (hit the ground running – students are operational after graduation to take next step in career):
  • Program based on changing needs of industry through insights from board of advisors, directors’ network, and lecturers’ experience;
  • Internships are meant to open international job opportunities and academic advancement (note: given the restrictions ini the Swiss market, second internships are international and meant to help students secure jobs outside Switzerland)
  • (Capstone) project allows students to develop a business plan which reflects their interests (family business, actual work intentions/start-up ideas);


Establish and consolidate a Hotel Management College, driven by Professional Hoteliers to influence and propel hospitality education for future generations.

Mission Statement

SHML will teach and combine, within a real boutique hospitality environment, the traditional fundamentals of Swiss operations with state of the art hospitality know-how for international management, exposing all students—during their studies and after graduating—to direct exposure with professional hoteliers, for a genuine and qualified interaction for success. The professional future of each and every student represents the core of the mission for SHML’s managing proprietors, faculty and staff.

Core Purpose

Succeed developing a boutique hospitality mentality, related to knowledge, skills and the professional confidence required for students to demonstrate competence within Hospitality Operations, and to compete from there on for a timely career progression toward international hotel management.


Believe in nurturing, guiding and developing students to stand tall when confronted with future professional challenges, as well as in life, based on moral values and ethical principles that carry, to a higher level, the promise and meaning of success.