Health insurance is compulsory for everyone living in Switzerland and is student’s responsibility to ensure compliance to the requirement.

The school will automatically enrol  each student for health insurance with a chosen Swiss company, except for students who are already Swiss residents. For the whole study time, semesters at school and internships, the monthly fee is included in the study fees. There will be a retainer of CHF 100.- for the first consultation for each year. Medication that is not prescirpted by a physician, dental treatment and some special treatments, requested by the students or offered by the physician may not be covered by the insurance. All basic treatments are covered.

European students and AELE member states

Students who have private health insurance coverage for Switzerland in accordance with the recent bilateral treaty agreements need to send to SHML Admissions office, prior to their arrival:

A copy of their blue health insurance card (front and back side).

Other students

Students from any other country who may have a personal health insurance scheme covering them for Switzerland need to send to the SHML Admissions office and prior to their arrival:

  • A copy of the their card (front and back side)
  • A correct form must be signed and stamped by the insurance company. This form will be used for official validation and needs to be duly filled in and mailed or faxed back.