Visa application and enrolment procedure


All applicants have to fill out the application form on, print it out, sign it, scan and send back to

By signing the application form, you automatically accept the General Conditions of SHML, downloadable on

Step one:

Application form to be completed

To be sent with the following documents to

  • High School diploma/transcripts of university degree/transcript or work certificate
  • Proof of English proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL or equivalent)
  • Health and medical report (on the website)
  • Four passport-size photos
  • Curriculum vitae in English
  • Motivation letter
  • Career letter
  • Certificates

Any education counselor will help you with this.

Step two:

Acceptance letter

This letter will be sent to you as soon as the application has been accepted.
Together with the invoice requiring to make a down payment of CHF 3000.
If for any reasons this down payment can not be made please contact the admission office of SHML.

Step three:

Confirmation letter

This letter will allow you to proceed with the Visa application at the closest Swiss Consulate or Embassy. A copy of this letter will be sent to the respective authorities.

Step four:

The final payment has to be made according to the invoice. As soon as the full payment has been done, the authorities will hand over the visa to the student.

Welcome package

Once your down payment has been made, we will send you on request a listing of items to bring.
Please let us know your flight itinerary as we will pick up the students coming for their first semester at the airport


Neither SHML or any education counselor have any jurisdiction over decisions concerning visa applications. All decisions are made by the Cantonal authorities in Switzerland. For certain countries the approval of the Federal authorities is requested. The Swiss Consulate and Embassy are collecting the COMPLETE applications and forward them for treatment to Switzerland.

Accepted students will receive information on the visa or residency permit procedure from the Admissions Department. Depending on the candidate’s nationality one of the following will happen:
Some candidates will receive a list of documents which need to be completed for the Swiss Embassy. Candidates must make a personal request at the Swiss Embassy in their country of residence.

After 6 to 8 weeks, the local Swiss authorities will notify the school of the entry visa status and a copy will be mailed or faxed to the candidate. The candidate must then contact the Swiss Embassy to collect his/her original entry visa to ensure that all formalities are settled for the journey.

Candidates with European Union passports and those from countries with which Switzerland has bilateral agreements, need only to send documents to the school and fill in a special form on arrival.

PLEASE NOTE: copy of authorization to collect the entry visa will only be sent to the candidate if the full payment of the semester fee has been made.

In Switzerland the long term study permit will then be finalized.

How to apply for a visa

If you require a visa, you need to contact the Swiss Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence and make an appointment.

You need to apply for a STUDENT VISA for SHML (long-stay Schengen Visa) showing the acceptance letter.

Please, DO NOT request or attempt to enter Switzerland with a tourist visa.
You must prepare the following documents and take them to the Swiss Embassy / Consulate in your country of residence and make a personal request as part of your visa application:

  • Health and medical report (on the website)
  • Curriculum vitae in English
  • High School diploma/transcripts of university degree/transcript or work certificate
  •  Proof of English proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL or equivalent) depending on countries
  • Copy of your valid passport (validity must be for at least 6 months after arrival in Switzerland)
  • Study Plan – why do you want to study at SHML / motivation letter
  • Post Study Plan – what will you do upon graduating from SHML
  • Certificate of bank statement (in certain countries only)
  • Letter of commitment from your financial sponsor ( in certain countries only)
  • Acceptance and Confirmation letter from SHML

Once you have will have brought all these documents, you will have to wait for the notification before returning to the Embassy / Consulate to have the original entry visa stamped in your passport and to ensure that all formalities have been completed.

You will receive the original entry visa at the Swiss embassy / consulate where you applied. However, if you need to pick it up in a different place, you must inform the embassy / consulate when you apply.

Please note:

Any student requiring a visa and who enters Switzerland without the entry visa is subject to a financial penalty or may be refused to study at SHML.


This formality generally takes a minimum of two months; therefore it is very important that you start the procedure upon receipt of our acceptance letter and visa attestation.

If you require an entry visa for Switzerland, DO NOT make any travel plans to other countries for the first 6 weeks after arrival to Switzerland and until you receive your residency permit which you will need to gain access back into Switzerland.