Attire & College Items

As you are studying in a professional environment you are requested to wear your business attire during academic times and your professional uniforms during practice. During official meal times you are also required to wear your business attire.

School Uniforms a offered to the students in the first semester.

Torn jeans are not accepted

What to bring and what not to bring:

General requirements

  • Black V-necked pullover and winter coat
  • Woollen jumpers and/or jackets
  • Woollen scarf and hat/gloves/winter jacket/snow boots (expensive locally)
  • Raincoat and umbrella
  • Pyjamas, night dresses; bath robe; slippers
  • Large cotton bag for the storage of dirty laundry
  • Hair dryer is available in your room
  • Personal laptop with up-to-date Windows or Apple and Office software in English
  • Calculator with memory
  • Pen and pencil case
  • English dictionary, your Mother Language/English dictionary, English/German dictionary
  • Football/Athletic shoes, shorts and tee shirts for the gym
  • Swimmwear
  • Walking/runnning shoes
  • Summer leisure clothes
  • Sunglasses

The college encourages students to bring their country’s traditional costume and formal dress for special events or functions which take place every semester.