SHML code of conduct

Honour Code

All SHML Students undertake to be familiar with and to respect these Codes. In order for the College to maintain the highest standards of Education, students are requested to read and follow the established code for both self conduct and discipline which ultimately all Professional Managers adhere to in their daily working environment.

During orientation days, students will receive SHML House Rules, with direct recommendations from the Director of Operations and the College Dean.

Rights of SHML Students

  • Respect for their physical integrity.
  • Respect for their religious, philosophical and political convictions in so far as these are compatible with SHML’s policy of tolerance.
  • Respect for their private life (personal belongings, health, mail, and luggage) within the limits of school discipline.
  • Direct access, as rapidly as possible given the circumstances, to their directors and teachers.
  • Professional secrecy from their directors and teachers for any conversation held in confidence. This also applies to written work of an intimate nature.
  • SHLM Students have the right to be fully informed about the evaluation of their academic work by their teachers.
  • SHML Students have the right to be fully informed of the reasons for any punishment and the identity of the person who imposed it.

Responsabilities of SHML Students

  • SHML Students respect the rules that constitute SHML Codes, both on and off the campus.
  • SHML Students prioritise their knowledge and intellectual abilities. They provide academic work of the best possible quality.
  • SHML Students respect the person and the cultural, religious and political convictions of their teachers and fellow pupils. They do not accept any action or propaganda contrary to the principle of respect for their fellows.
  • SHML Students respect the work and the time of the directors, teachers and school employees. They must show respect to all SHML staff in accordance with the customary rules of politeness in Switzerland.
  • SHML Students take an active part in the artistic, sporting, cultural and religious activities, which contribute to the development of their personalities, according to their choices.
  • SHML Students adhere to the principles of intellectual honesty, which forbids plagiarism, cheating and deception in order to obtain a result in academic work or sports.
  • SHML Students are under the obligation not to waste their time and the financial resources of their parents by adopting a lazy and passive attitude.

Major Rules

The following are sanctioned by official warning letters and expulsion:

The possession and consumption of drugs, of any nature, either at SHML on or during weekends and holidays; Drug tests are obligatory and may take place at any time. Any attempt at cheating during the course of a drug test is considered an admission of guilt;

Theft on or off campus and established as such by a Board of Discipline. The following are major offences; they lead to an appearance before the Disciplinary Board;

Any physical or verbal violence or serious disrespect towards a peer or adult capable of causing mental or physical injury either at school or elsewhere;

Entering a room to take something without the permission of its owner;

The possession or consumption of alcoholic drinks in Student accommodation or being drunk at any time within the premises of the College;

The SHML campus including all accommodation areas are non-smoking. Students may only smoke in designated smoking places;

The failure to observe safety rules during sporting activities, expeditions or excursions; setting off a fire alarm by accident or through negligence;

Plagiarism and cheating in tests, homework or examinations;

False declaration of illness in order to be excused from classes;

The accumulation of punishments with no effect on behaviour or school work; continual indiscipline; lack of respect for the buildings and property of the school;

Please note: Failure to observe the Codes during sorties,  excursions and behaviour outside school is liable to damage the image of the College and its Students.

Campus Life

Bedrooms and Personal Belongings

Students may not decorate their rooms as they wish, as the rooms are also used as guest rooms during the high seasons in Lenk, all rooms are to be respected as per the initial presentation on arrival for a new semester. No pictures, posters etc. may be put on any of the walls.

Beds must be made and the room tidied every morning before breakfast; rooms should always be kept tidy. Rooms will be inspected on a daily basis by the Housekeeping department. Students will lose marks on their final exams if their rooms are not maintained in the correct way. Housekeeping will charge an fee to clean rooms in disorder.

In each of the rooms, there is a safe; Students are however advised to keep any valuables such as passports, cash and expensive jewellery in the Hotel’s main safe.

Hand phones are not allowed during classes and dinner time.

Cooking in the rooms is strictly forbidden, hot water boilers can be used and are available in the rooms.

Any weapons including knives, swords and firearms, including imitations (e.g., air guns, BB guns and air soft guns) are totally forbidden and will be reported to the Police.

Instructions regarding laundry will be submitted during orientation days.

It is forbidden to order food from off campus at any time and under any circumstances.

When a Student at any time feels sick, he or she must report the fact to the College receptionist or to the Duty Manager, who will make arrangements for the Student to visit the Doctor or call an Ambulance for emergency Hospital treatment. The College receptionist can also arrange for dental appointments. All sick notes must be signed by the Doctor or Dentist before a student is excused from class and be given to the College Receptionist. Failure to do so will mean that class absence will be recorded. Students who are excused classes on medical grounds may not participate in any evening outing or weekend excursion or departure on the same day as their absence.


3 meals are provided each day for all students, these include, breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Vegetarians and those with special or religious diets will be provided for. Roll calls will be made at each meal period. Students not wishing to partake of meals on the weekends are to advise the Duty Manager in advance.

Food can not be taken out of  breakfast, lunch and dinner facilities and has to be consumed on the spot.
Dress Code
Teachers are instructed not to allow students to enter class if the dress code is not respected.
Gentlemen’s attire:

During College Hours

A black suit, jacket to have 3 or 4 buttons, white shirt, conservative tie, black socks and polished black lace-up shoes.

After the evening meal, weekends and holidays Male students are allowed to wear their own clothing, provided that are considered smart casual. Torn fashion jeans, thongs, tee shirts with inappropriate designs or printed with vulgar words are not allowed.

Men are at all times to be clean shaven, including during Weekends and Holidays eating times. Beards and Moustaches are not allowed or any sort of religious head adornment. Hair should be cut in a classical way and not touch the shirt collar. Men should minimise the wearing of jewellery to a watch and ring.

Ladies’ attire:

A black suit with either trousers or skirt that is cut below the knees, white blouse (non see through), and a scarf tied around the neck, flesh coloured stockings and (low heeled for practical work) black shoes.

The only jewellery allwed during college hours are small earrings, watch, ring and bracelet.

After the evening meal, weekends and holidays female students are allowed to wear smart casual clothing, Torn fashion jeans, suggestive miniskirts, over-exposed blouses, bare midriffs, visible underwear, thongs, tee shirts with inappropriate designs or vulgar words will not be acceptable.


All disciplinary action given to students must be justified. Upon request, a student should be given necessary explanations regarding the reasons for a sanction. The Discipline Board must agree disciplinary action given out to a group of students.

Minor Sanctions

Missing classes, for being late to a class, not wearing the identification name badge, not wearing the proper uniform, unpolished shoes, late returning any home work, smoking in forbidden areas, not shaved, bad language, non cleaned room, noise after 10:00 pm, cheating, plagiarism, poor manners. ( In addition to the following sanctions, students will loose marks on their final exam).

  • Verbal warning, and note to the Student’s file.
  • Written warning
  • Final written warning
  • Suspension-minimum 1 week up 1 month or even expulsion

Major Sanctions

Abuse and destruction of any college property, fighting, stalking, repeating drunkenness, acohol abuse, using or selling drugs, and any misdemeanour as recorded under the Swiss penal codes;
Expulsion and withdrawal of visas – parents and agents are advised. Depending on circumstances, the some Police will be called to take appropriate action in accordance to Swiss law.